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Organizing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Organizing Mistakes to stop making

We have worked with all types of clients in all different environments. One thing in common for most people, is they all yearn for an organized life, home and space. Most of them have done copious amounts of research on how to be organized and purchased multiple organizing products in hopes that it would solve their chaos. Marie Kondo’s Book and similar books on simplifying can often be found on bookshelves (or more realistically, in a pile of books on the floor or a desk). We might even find a newspaper or magazine article that is about organizing… being saved for that very moment when they wake up and organize their life. But really, being organized is not about completing the project. It's about changing your habits and creating a routine that becomes a way of life….a lifestyle and essentially a life saver!

Putting Paper clutter into neat piles!

Just because you are stacking your old receipts and piling the mail in neat piles doesn't mean that you are actually reducing the quantity of the papers you keep; All it does is rearrange them nicely.

OPEN your mail daily and toss that junk mail. Use hanging files to separate all documents into actionable categories. This makes it much easier for you to tackle your “To Do”, “To Pay", and “To File” piles. I personally open my mail daily and have my Saturday Morning coffee while I tackle my piles and complete my tasks. This also gets me organized for my upcoming week!

You View Organizing as a one-time event

Give yourself a pat on the back after you send half of your closet to the donation center, or throw out half of your Tupperware containers that no longer have matching lids! But really, it shouldn’t stop there. You should take inventory of your items in your home regularly. You should choose products intentionally and find systems that work with your lifestyle, your home design and the function and flow of your family.

You don’t put things back


Did you hear that in the back? One more time… You don’t put things back. Which most likely means that your children don’t put things back either. Ladies and Gentlemen - We have to practice what we preach! After something has been used, it must go right back to where it belongs. It takes an extra 2-3 seconds of your time and it ensures that everytime you go to grab that thing you need, it's going to be exactly where it should be. In its home. Then, educate your family and hold them accountable for putting it back in it’s HOME as well. Always send it home. This will make your life so much easier and less frustrating. It eliminates lost items and accumulated duplicates of things you already own… Try putting your purse in the same place when you walk in the door. Make a Home for it. After you send your purse home, Hang up your coat and put your shoes away IN THE CLOSET (or in their home). Then at the end of the evening you will have less items to pick up and put away. You know why? Because they are home and ready for you to grab on the go in the morning. ~Jessica

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