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Our Services

Your home is a direct reflection of how you are currently experiencing life.


Life is chaotic, and you simply can’t do it all! It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and defeated. Together we can restore the balance and create clarity within your chaos.




Organization Projects

Do you have a space that has gotten out of hand and is a source of anxiety for you?  A place in your home that is no longer functional and you dread seeing it?

Organization can happen by room or project, including; pantry, kitchen, bedroom closet, playroom, attic, office space (paperwork included), basement, garage or anywhere help is needed!


Being organized saves time and money! It can give you peace of mind, cut your cleaning time in half, and you will always have the pleasure of 

knowing where something is which saves you from frustration as well. 

On the Move

Moving out? Moving In? Either way you're on the move to a new beginning!

Going through your house to declutter, purge, donate, pack, schedule moving companies and storage units is a lot of work and we can help.


Personal Assistant during a move…


Sometimes an extra hand is needed to unpack, organize, find the best flow for your space, put away items, and clean.  We can help with that as well.


Downsize and Declutter

Too many things and not enough space? Lots of space, lots of things and missing proper function and flow?


Many of us are consumers and sometimes we find we have way too much “stuff”!  This realization and then figuring out how to dig yourself out of it can be a daunting task. In order to be organized, you have to declutter, so this is always the first step.  We can help you decide what needs to be donated, trashed, given away and what really needs to stay.  At times, this can be emotional and hard for people but we will be with you during every step and with no judgement. We hang on to things for many reasons and it’s easier to work through that with someone else. 

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