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Buying containers is one of the biggest organizing mistakes !


Sounds crazy to hear us say that, right?!?

What we mean is that buying containers is only a mistake when you try to use them before you have SORTED, PURGED, and ASSIGNED a space for them to go to.

Containers can only be used properly when you know exactly whats going in them and you know the size and shape you'll need for the space.

Most of our clients have a plethora of containers and organizing accessories. They are forever coming home with new items with the best of intentions of getting organized. While I share most peoples obsession for buying bins and baskets, most of the time unused or misused containers can actually make a clutter problem WORSE! We see most people using the containers for quick clean-ups by filling them with random clutter in order to "tidy" their house. Now, this does infact make a home clean quickly but its only short term. All of those filled and mixed up totes and containers only lead to missing items and MUCH MORE WORK in the long run!

SORT and PURGE... then you can have some fun assigning catagories with totes to put the items in for storage.

And remember to repeat after me, "My house is a home, not a storage unit!"

One more time, "My house is a home, not a storage unit!"


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