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How to Maximize Storage: Top Tips to Avoid Running Out of Space

1.) Never buy MORE hangers. You get what you get and you don't get upset.

2.) Contain everything the best you can so you know when you've exceeded your designated space.

3.) With EVERY new purchase, start asking yourself "Where is this going to live?" If you don't have an answer then it doesn't go home with you. ( Yup, it's that simple! )

4.) Set aside time once or twice a year to revisit and edit your spaces.

5.) Wear a shock collar that physically stops you from buying more items !!! ( A little Jokey joke! )

We're firm believers of the 80/20 philosophy: Keep your home no more than 80 percent full and reserve at least 20 percent for breathing room. When you have no breathing room, you have no options and nobody likes that feeling.

How will you know when your approaching the 80 percent threshold? You'll start cramming things into drawers, throwing stuff into the cabinets, fighting with your pantry and secretly wondering if you can store your extra holiday decorations in your son's closet..

None of this feels good and quickly becomes a puzzle too overwhelming and frustrating to solve.

Organization is as much a mental activity as it is a physical one. Taking up your time, your space and your energy! If you're ready to start implementing the 80/20 Philosophy you need to be prepared to face your issues and determine your priorities.


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