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Hello October

Seasons change, and so do we. Autumn is the season when we find contentment at home by paying attention to what we already have. The trees burst with bright, bold and beautiful colors. The smell of apples and Pumpkins fill the air. The glow of bonfires and woodstoves warm our souls with cozy blankets and hot soup to fill our bellies and home. These familiar moments might sound cliché but the truth is that we need them to help us remember our place in time. A time to slow down after the busy sun filled days of summer and fun.

Pumpkins, Candles, Fuzzy socks and flavored coffee sets the vibe for October and it all takes place in our home. We start to settle into our surroundings and get ready for the cold winter days to come. We start to spend time relaxing IN our home instead of OUT side.

As soon as I get home I light my candle on the kitchen island. I unpack my Bag's (I have a lot of them .. More to come on that soon ) and start the next shift of the day.....Dinner. I love creating a mood in the house for when my family comes home from school and work. I love that I can provide a cozy place for all of us to escape to. A place for everyone to gather around the kitchen table to do homework and talk about their day.

Your home is so much more than a house. Its a feeling.

Here's a few of my favorite things to do at home in the fall :

  • Start holiday preparation early to spare some stress

  • Make a reading list for cozy nights at home

  • Spice up my hot drinks (cinnamon, nutmeg or bourbon)

  • Light my favorite fall candle

  • Add a few fall touches to my home (pumpkins, cozy blankets, fall flowers and skulls)

  • Do a seasonal wardrobe cleanout

  • Have fun layering my clothes

  • Wear fall colored lipstick just because! (even around the house when no one is home!)

Sending love and light



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