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How to promote sleep and relaxation with a slice of seduction

“Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do. It’s Enticing someone into what they already secretly want to do.“

My bedroom has been tempting me for years. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I snuck away while no one was looking, locked the door, took everything off and enjoyed the big “O”..... No, not an Orgasm ladies, I'm talking about Organization!

I knew it was time. I got right to work and literally took every single item off every surface in my room from top to bottom. I sorted items into “like'' piles and started the journey of putting things where they actually belonged. My room had become a catch all. A cluttered mess! I knew what I wanted and it was a bedroom that was clean, sexy and relaxed. After All, that's the whole purpose of a bedroom, right? To promote sleep and entice me into romance. (wink, wink)

As a woman, wife and mother, I know that my bedroom hasn't always been an alluring place to be. When my children were little it was a war zone with bodies all over the place. Our room was filled with clutter and chaos. Clothes were flung on the floor, draped on every surface and the mess was piled high on the bureaus. My bed was never made, what was the point if I was just going to get back in it later on in the evening?

My Bedroom was neglected simply because no one ever saw it. It was honestly the last place I cleaned or took care of because it wasn’t a priority. I wanted to focus on areas of the house that friends and guests actually saw.

Over the years my mindset shifted and I wanted more. I needed more. I wanted a room that was all mine (and my husband’s) . No kids stuff, and no clutter. Just a place where I could snuggle in my bed, read a good book, and a place to… (insert Marvin Gaye’s song “Lets get it on” ) I made small changes and started to create new habits. I developed a daily routine in my bedroom just like I do in other areas of my home. I love my bedroom and look forward to starting my mornings in a room that is beautiful and organized. A room where Love happens and dreams are made.

I Painted my room a dark and moody color to go with the vibe that my husband and I wanted. I reintroduced very few items to put on the surfaces.

Some of the items included:

Candle - Sexy light ambience and scent.

Plant- Something green and beautiful that promotes oxygen and wellness.

A Lamp & Alarm clock on each night stand - Because, duh!

Salt light -Good energy and ambience

Here are few tips you can do in 30 seconds to help keep you organized

  • MAKE YOUR BED (There is so much research on the benefits of making your bed.) Plus it feels so amazing at the end of a day to uncover those blankets and slide into the sheets!

  • Close all drawers and doors.

  • Put away items in their correct homes.

  • Pick up dirty laundry that is on the floor or draped on furniture and Immediately put them into your laundry basket (Everyone in my house has their own hamper) No excuses!

  • Remove dirty dishes from your night stand.

Your bedroom is the start and finish to most days of our lives, so why not make it a place where you can get the best sleep and relaxation with a slice of seduction.

Ask yourself these two questions:

What is the first thing that you see when you wake up or fall asleep?

Does it instantly bring you joy or serenity?

If you answered no to the last question, Reach out - I would love to help you find pleasure getting to the big “O”! Organization of course!

-Sending Love & Light, Jessica

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So true.. thank you for the reminder of why we need to make the bed.. everyday! Carol Campbell

Mi piace

Charlene Davey
Charlene Davey
16 feb 2022

This is wonderful!! My bedroom is always a work in progress. I love this and love you Ladies !!❤️

Mi piace
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