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Practicing Self-care in Your Home

Self-care is more than just face masks and bubble baths. Your home is equally as important as caring for your body and mind and should be an important part of your self-care routine. We spend a lot of time in our homes. Your mind, body, health, and home should all be in harmony together. Avoiding care for our home will result in pain points in other areas of your life. It's hard to be productive or relax in your home if you are surrounded by chaos.

By creating order and systems we are implementing new habits. Be prepared to get everyone on board in the house!

Try identifying the pain points in your home first, what do you find yourself constantly being annoyed by? Are there items piling up by the back door? Is your counter acting as a storage space? Stacks of mail piling up? Is your bedroom floor covered in clothes?

Think about what you can do to alleviate these pain points. Start getting into the habit of putting your purse, keys, shoes, jacket, etc. away right when you walk in the door. Put clothes on your bed so that it forces you to put them away before you lay down at night.

One pain point that I was getting annoyed by was loose papers and misc. items laying around on the counters. To fix this, I gave each member in my household a drawer in the kitchen desk area. We then bought organization containers to put in the drawers to help keep it organized. When loose papers, extra charging cords, sunglasses, wallets, and Chapstick get left out on the counters I simply put them in their drawer. So now instead of the kids yelling "Mom, where are my Airpods?" They know that whatever might have been left out on the counter is now in their drawer. They are responsible for keeping their drawer organized and tidy. I did this for my husband and myself as well. Business cards, favorite pens, go in our drawer for easy access on our way out the door. If something is left out that doesn't belong in their kitchen drawer, I communicate that it has to be brought up to their room. This helps reduce the chance of items getting lost and helps hold children accountable, while also teaching them the responsibility of their belongings. (My children are 12 and 14)

These simple habits help create order. Having a system that works for you and your family is the key to creating a calm environment that won't contribute to the chaos in your life.

More tips on self-care in your home to come.....stay tuned!


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